Sunday, 23 September 2012

Digging A Hole

Gardening ranks as one of my least favourite pastimes, despite my love of the great outdoors, our green and pleasant land, gardening for me is strictly a spectator sport, I admire their beauty and prefer to leave it that way.

However, needs must and I need a home for Betsy, the closer to my home the better!

I have therefore engaged myself in some extreme gardening, not for me the clipping and pruning of a well tended garden but the turning of a garden into a building site. Gone are the overgrown trees, thorn bushes, moss riddled lawn and 43 feet of hedgerow, now replaced by fence posts, a trench half filled with hardcore and bare earth yet to be leveled and seeded once the paving is in place.

I have it on good authority that September is a good month for sewing a new lawn, but time is marching on, September is rapidly turning into October and press on I must.

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