Sunday, 30 December 2012

Photo Opportunity

Since Boxing Day, when I returned home from my Sister and Brother-in-law's armed with their pressure washer, it has done nothing but rain, just the weather you need when you've stripped the decks of their fittings, thereby leaving holes everywhere!

It was on that very Boxing Day that I attacked Betsy inside and out with the pressure washer in an effort to remove as much of the accumulated muck as possible. Having done so I set about plugging all the holes with sealant, no sooner had I done that... the heavens opened and have remained so ever since!

As a result, the sealant has been washed from it's holes and poor old Betsy is as damp as she's ever been. Little has been done since, what with work and rain getting in the way of things, but today, in an all too brief gap in the weather, I dashed out and shot some pictures with my newly acquired Nikon...

Sunday, 16 December 2012


Betsy is gutted and I am delighted!

My first full weekend off in two months and I've made some good use of the time. Betsy was a foot deep in water with a skin of ice on top, having pumped it out I set about removing everything I could.

The interior headlining that wasn't hanging half on half off has been pulled down, various pieces of internal furniture pulled out and the head pulled up, with the nuts and bolts so heavily corroded it was the only way. Most of the internal wiring has been removed save for what is attached to the old Vire petrol inboard, guess what's next for removal?!

The mast has been stripped of old string, blocks, shrouds and spreaders and laid down on the trailer to keep the decks clear.

The decks have been stripped of pulpit, stanchions, winches, genoa tracks, cleats, hand rails, the tabernacle, fairleads, chain hawse and any signs of whatnot! (anything left over from some previous incarnation).

The interior is utterly filthy having been neglected for approximately three years, damp, crumbling foam and accumulated dust have rendered her unfit for human habitation, this is fine however for it pales when compared to the devastation I will create when armed with power tools over the coming months!

One thing is for sure... I need to invest in a new camera to record this carnage, whilst sailing towards Newport, so giddy was I at seeing the word "Newport" appear on my gps screen, I grabbed the camera to immortalize the moment and promptly dropped it on the cockpit sole!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Winter Berthing

October.... what October?

And then there was November, which came and went in much the same fashion, but finally after much digging of holes, Betsy's winter berthing arrangements have been met.

There now begins a winter campaign, how much gets done remains to be seen, I have a feeling the large ice cube that has formed in the cockpit will be a barometer of that?!