Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Cut It Out!

Yesterday was beautifully dry and sunny, the perfect start to a New Year!

Making the most of the occasion I set about refilling all the holes in the deck with fresh sealant, bailed and pumped the bilges dry and removed some of the more stubborn pieces of old plumbing, wiring and internal what-not. I then made a start on the old Vire engine, various bits of wire, connections and the alternator have been removed but there's plenty still to do.

It rained first thing today, the new sealant is holding up, for once the day hasn't begun with pumping the bilges. I then donned boiler suit, balaclava, dust mask and taped up my sleeves with parcel tape before finishing the job off with gloves and picking up the angle grinder!

I have removed the majority of the internal fibreglass structure of Betsy, she's surprisingly roomy, and I can now start planning the new interior layout for my own individual needs. Consideration will be given to the provision of watertight bulkheads and foam buoyancy, stowage and sleeping arrangements. I intend to rebuild with foam cored sandwich material for lightness, stiffness and added buoyancy.

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