Thursday, 10 January 2013


There is a parcel waiting for me at the local Royal Mail delivery office, I have a feeling it is a cheap and cheerful wet and dry vacuum cleaner, the very thing I need for cleaning out the fibreglass dust after all that grinder activity.

In the meantime I had a socket set to buy, and an old Vire engine to pull out. A little later that same day, armed with my newly acquired socket set, I removed the three nuts holding the prop shaft to the gear box and out the old Vire slid! Roped up and heaved in to the cockpit I was able to lower the engine to the ground and shove it in the garage along with all the other bits of Betsy, I am beginning to suspect that there is more of her in there than sitting on the trailer?!

Once the prop shaft has been removed I'll be cutting out what's left with the grinder again.


Tor Rabe said...

You are planning to go with no fossile fuel propulsion?

Guy Waites said...


Tor Rabe said...

Good. Makes lots of sense, after all, it's a sail boat. I wanted to do the same, but a closer analysis of my life with family and working schedules, and, how strange it may seem, racing rules, put an end to those plans.