Sunday, 13 January 2013


It was indeed the vacuum cleaner waiting for me at the delivery office, collecting it on Saturday on my way home from work, I intended putting it to good use right away.

I spent most of today wrapped up to protect myself from the fibreglass dust, the cheap and cheerful vacuum cleaner is far from quiet and that, combined with the angle grinder, necessitated ear plugs!

It's been a pleasantly productive day, part of the old engine mounts have been removed, a strip of fibreglass, where the old lockers and bunks were attached to the inside of the hull, has been chiseled off and ground smooth. The cabin sole is a molded fibreglass unit which was held in place with a strip of fibregalss tape, the tape has been chiseled off, only where it enters the engine area is it still attached.

And finally, the old mast support beam and small bulkheads from either end have been removed...

...after my experiences with Red Admiral I have decided on a replacement carbon fibre beam.

So now, no matter how much snow is forecast to fall, I have no excuse not to press on with Betsy's refit.

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