Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Murky Depths

I could easily tire of the grinder, it's a heavy tool to use, makes an awful din and scatters dust far, wide and in every crevice. However, it is nothing if not effective in it's work for all the above misgivings.

A little more of the old engine compartment has been cut out along with what remained of the engine mounts.

Betsy was once equipped with legs for drying out, these would have bolted through the sides of the hull, large backing pads were glassed to the inside of the cabin to support the extra load. Now, poor old Betsy is legless! The lack of legs negates the need for fixings or backing pads so both have been cut away.

Some, and I do mean some, of the interior hull has been ground to remove old paint etc, there's dust everywhere but slowly I am starting to appreciate the difference to Betsy's interior, it's a foundation stone for what's to come...

Having removed the last remaining pieces of fibreglass holding the cabin sole in place, I was able to lift the molded fibreglass sole free of the bilges...

...and reveal the murky depths below, large ice cubes were tossed into the cockpit to slowly drain away, what remains is a sludge as old as Betsy's life, a bog of untold history!

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