Sunday, 6 January 2013

What Not Was

After the satisfaction of removing large pieces of Betsy, aided and abetted by power tools, during the New Year break it was time to knuckle down to some tedious tinkering...

The engine is still to be removed, the prop came off easily enough with two slugs of a hammer, the engine mounts required painfully slow spanner work being limited by space. The throttle and gear cables have been detached and pulled out, various lengths of old hose, clips and anything else generally getting in the way of things but the engine itself sits firmly attached to its prop shaft until I find myself a socket set, or at least that's what I think I need, it's difficult to tell really what with all the rust and confined dark space conspiring against me.

The bilge pump and some of its hose has been removed along with its skin fitting. Some of the exhaust system has been disassembled, the remainder stubbornly refuses to budge due to rusted fasteners and jubilee clips.

The wooden slats that formed the cockpit seats have been unscrewed and stripped from the deck, what remained of the head waste seacock was finally removed assisted by adjustable spanners, a hammer and a hacksaw!

It all amounts to a bin full of what not...

...but it's what not that was and is now no more!

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