Sunday, 10 February 2013

I Have A Beam

Well... not entirely, you see it's more of a 'lump of foam' in the rough shape of something that might, one day, actually be a beam?!

But as you can see, it's a deeper section than the original and with the addition of carbon fibre and a bulkhead underneath the above... it will be considerably stiffer, not to mention the peace of mind that comes from past experience!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Bog Be Gone

A little here, a little there, slowly the grime and any witness of old fibreglass structure is being erased.

The key from the outboard end of the old prop shaft has been tapped free and the shaft extracted, leaving Betsy with yet another hole to fill.

The last of the Vetus exhaust system and bilge pump hose has been removed from the lazarette, leaving an empty boot and yes... a few more holes too!

The bog that lined the bilge has been scraped, scrubbed and ground away.

The quarter berths that extend under the cockpit seats have yet to be ground clean but they're next, along with the very forward end of the forepeak, tricky areas these, their confined space makes the angle grinder all the more unbearable to use, dust extraction being the key issue.

Having removed the backing pads that supported the mounting point for the drying out legs, I have now ground away the remaining fibreglass, only the holes (yes, more damn holes!) remain.

And finally, a glimpse of what's to come... almost bare interior, stripped of all unnecessary decoration, devoid of what-not and the blank canvas required for the real work to begin!