Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Nutty Professor

The weather has taken a turn for the worse this week and to add to that misery... I have a cold, the thought of crawling around inside Betsy, wearing a dust mask on a cold damp day, has no appeal whatsoever!

So for now I shall content myself with some indoor activity. The portlights have been cleaned and sent away to Eagle Boat Windows for refurbishment, the two deck vents have been stripped and cleaned ready for refitting sometime in the months to come.

I have acquired a small sample of expanded polystyrene foam... it's the ordinary builder's merchants stuff, weighing in at a whopping 34.5 grams, that being it's dry weight.

And now for the experiment, how much will that same piece of EPS weigh after one month submerged in a bucket of water?

It was reassuring to discover that as I filled the bucket with water a 1.5 kilo tub of bleach would not hold the EPS submerged, it took a good old fashioned solid house brick to do the job! All we have to do now is wait a month and all will be revealed?

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