Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Back To The Bucket

Sitting in a bucket of water held down by a house brick, lay a piece of expanded polystyrene for one whole month. It was time to conclude this experiment into the absorption of water and remaining buoyancy there in!

First impressions are good, the house brick replaced by the same tub of household bleach as before will not hold the polystyrene under, so we have buoyancy! Now what of the water absorption?

The new weight of the polystyrene is 133.7 grams, minus the original weight of 34.5 grams leaves a difference of 99.2 grams, that's an increase of approximately 287.5% give or take 22 recurring decimal places!

Now that sounds like quite a lot but... 1 cubic metre of EPS70 weighs in at a whopping 15 kilos, if that were submerged for a month it would increase in weight by 43.125 kilos, making a total of 58.125 kilos. Further, 1 cubic metre of EPS70 provides approximately 985 kilos of buoyancy, minus the weight of the water absorption reduces this buoyancy to 941.875 kilos. And that by my reckoning is a whole lot of buoyancy!

Meanwhile, the paint stripper hasn't been quite as effective as I would have hoped but we are somewhat nearer to a bare bottom!

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