Sunday, 7 April 2013

Plastic Fantastic

Finally some mild weather, although a sharp frost most mornings the days are longer and bordering on warm. This has created a small window of opportunity... I have gone to work on the old antifoul and some rather dubious deck paint.

Back in the depths of winter I purchased a large tub of paint stripper, the fancy marine stuff, it does not harm grp and gelcoat, it is slow to work and being water based evaporates before it has time to do its work, the cure for this unfortunate side effect is to apply a thin film of plastic sheeting or in my case bin bags!

The deck paint, applied to the moulded gelcoat areas of the deck is old, flaking and apart from anything else... downright ugly!

Tomorrow afternoon I intend to wash, scrub and scrape it all away and on Tuesday my one month Expanded Polystyrene experiment will be complete.

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