Saturday, 25 May 2013

A Beam Becomes A Reality

The foam beam was wrapped up in carbon fibre a week or so ago and there it sat waiting for a warm dry day, that warm dry day arrived today, after several days of cool temperatures and intermittent rainfall.

A generous fillet of fibre reinforced epoxy was applied to the top surface of the beam and fixed in place with a central support whilst heat was applied to ensure a good cure.

In between the rainy days, ably assisted by an electric fan heater, I have completed the hull deck join reinforcement with the addition of a 200 mm wide tape of biaxial glass cloth.

Next on the list is to reinforce the bow area for the new forestay attachment, the beam fillet will require a thorough sanding before being taped to the deck head, then we'll be looking at a bulkhead and forward floatation compartments, busy busy busy!


KarlisD said...

Had no idea that you'd acquired a new girlfriend :)

No news appeared anywhere

Bon Chance mon brave

Guy Waites said...

Merci beaucoup!

What would life be without a boat?!