Friday, 14 March 2014


After numerous communications with people in the know, I had a short list of possible causes.

Gurit suggested I had applied the vacuum too early, waiting for the resin to begin to gel was advised.

East Coast Fibreglass Supplies suggested the laminate was insufficiently cured before debagging and peeling, they have very kindly sent a sample of teflon peel ply and perforated release film for me to try.

And, Tor recommended perforated core material to equalise the vacuum pressure and release film between the peel ply and breather.

Yesterday I ran another test, using fast hardener rather than the standard used before and waiting a while before applying vacuum, I laminated another piece. Leaving the laminate in a cardboard oven overnight...

...the result is very satisfactory!

The laminate appears to be well saturated and yet there is still plenty of resin in the breather/peel ply material, perhaps I am using too much resin in the first place?

No perforated release film was used in the making of this laminate!

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