Saturday, 3 May 2014

Chasing Leaks

Betsy has a sliding hatch and a perspex washboard, neither of which I fancy in a gale of wind and or a breaking wave!

Red Admiral had a one piece hatch that could be locked in place with Lewmar hatch handles, continuing this theme I intend to make Betsy considerably more watertight.

I have acquired a Lewmar 60 hatch and intend fitting it at a 45 degree angle with a rigid doghouse built over the top, in place of the sliding hatch.

I made a cardboard mock up to check the size and ergonomics of such a construction, happy with my plans I have begun to fabricate the wedge shaped doghouse using the curve of the original hatch as a mould to increase the strength and keep the doghouse in keeping with the existing coachroof... at least that's the idea?!

The G-PET foam core is 9mm thick and has enough flex to form to the shape of the curved hatch, providing of course that there is sufficient vacuum to hold it down... which today, sadly, there was not!

Having laid up the glass, foam core and bagged it all up on top of the old hatch... could I for the life of me chase down the leak that conspired to thwart my designs... no!

As a last resort I pinned it down with 50mm wide cellotape whilst taping up an outer bag to encapsulate the lot.

Fortunately when I switched on the pump and pulled down the vacuum the whole lot clamped down bar tight... phew!

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