Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Custom Stowage

I've never really liked hard corners in the cabin of a boat, the thought of being thrown against one, alone at sea, is not pleasant.

I decided some time ago to mould the interior of Betsy to the watertight stowage containers.

Whilst the 9mm foam core has some flex, enough to make the doghouse match the original deck, there was not enough 'give' to make it form to the containers. I cut the foam at 1cm intervals along it's length to approx. 2/3 rds it's depth, this gave it enough flex to conform to the new shape. Mixing up some epoxy and filler, I filled the grooves and...

...stacking three of the containers on end, wrapped them in cardboard, plastic, peel ply, foam core, peel ply and held the whole lot together with 50mm parcel tape until cured.

I will cut the curved foam lengthways to give me 2, 90 degree corners.

I'm pretty pleased with the result so far, obviously this only takes care of the corners of the stowage compartments, the remainder will consist of flat panels and the whole lot fibreglassed together.

Meanwhile the doghouse is out of the bag and had some sanding before I continue laminating it all together on the underside.


yogi in a bag said...

There you are! You're off again. I'm caught up and ready to follow your adventure with Betsy.


Guy Waites said...

It'll be a whole year before we're ready but the intention is there.

That's a great picture of you looking sunny and windswept!