Friday, 2 May 2014

Seeing Red

When I first viewed Betsy, that cold, grey, winter's day down on the Norfolk Broad, I spied a chip in her paintwork... a little glimpse of red showing through.

Back home, sitting on her trailer, I could see the full extent of the patched up paintwork. At sometime in her life I believe she's had a reasonably good spray job but since then overpainted by brush, brush strokes and all!

I have spent the best part of this week finishing off what I started months ago, the improved weather, lighter nights and some time away from work have all combined to return Betsy to her original gelcoat...

...there's plenty still to do but one thing's for sure, Betsy will be nowhere near Plymouth for the start of this year's Jester Challenge.

But then... there's always next year?!


Tor Rabe said...

She's beautiful! You've been waiting for that weather since March 3. Last year it seems? ;-)

Guy Waites said...

Ha! Don't remind me Tor... feels like forever!

But slowly, slowly I am making progress.

Nice to hear from you!