Sunday, 29 June 2014

Carbon Copy

With the laminating table now surplus to requirements, both sides have been sheathed in carbon and today cut out to match the cardboard template...

...the new bulkhead is coming to life.

There will be a hole cut in the middle to allow access to the forepeak but not until I am exactly sure how large the stowage compartments will be, the stowage will sit either side of the hole so I won't be getting too carried away with the jigsaw just yet!

Friday, 20 June 2014

The Circle Meets The Curve

It has been a productive day.

The final two pieces of foam core have been laminated with cloth which means I can begin to cut the sheet of plywood, used as the laminating table, in to the shape required to make the main bulkhead. What remains of the ply will be used to make a small forward bulkhead, a battery box and some backing pads for the stanchion bases etc.

Some time ago I bought some perspex circles to make portholes for the new doghouse, two smaller circles, one for each side, and one larger circle for the top. The idea being I can both view the horizon and the mainsail without needing to venture in to the cockpit.

The larger circle needed a curve to meet that of the doghouse, some searching on youtube and I had a plan. Heating the perspex in the oven, slowly ramping the heat to approx. 140 degrees C, on a non stick baking tray, I then laid a piece of synthetic felt over it and turned the whole lot upside-down on top of the doghouse, removing the baking tray and leaving it to cool...

...and we now have a custom curved porthole, perfect!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

It's Only A Model

Somewhere between the reality that is Betsy and the fantasy that is my imagination lies a whole world of cardboard cut-out compromise...'s only a model of course, a template for the plywood reality that is to follow. The foam and fibreglass panels I have laminated will be used elsewhere to form the stowage and foam filled buoyancy compartments for example.

With a bit of luck and good judgement, the existing companionway will be just big enough to get the bulkhead in to the boat as one whole piece, before I get too carried away with fitting the new hatch.

There will be just enough room between the port and starboard stowage compartments to allow for a hatch through to the forepeak, some of which will be filled with EPS foam for buoyancy should the worst happen?!

Sunday, 8 June 2014

First Fitting

Otherwise known as "offering it up to the unit"!

Having laminated the dog house inside and out it was time to see how it looked on top of the old sliding hatch position...

...not too bad, a little daylight between the edges and the coach roof but nothing that cannot be trimmed to fit.

It's good and stiff too, I can stand on the forward section and once it's tabbed to the deck the whole piece will be solid.

The Lewmar hatch is reasonably well recessed without reducing internal volume too much and it can be opened fully without interfering with the dog house whilst still providing some protection from spray, rain and waves etc.

Then comes the internal stowage issue...

... I have more watertight stowage containers than pictured but there is enough here to get a clearer picture in my mind of the internal layout and it's potential.

There is more than enough curved laminate to make the internal corners of the main stowage areas, on port and starboard, immediately aft the main bulkhead. The square flare containers will sit against the bulkhead to minimise the "shifting about" whilst at sea.