Monday, 24 August 2015


Having laminated the buoyancy in to the extremities I am now building the main stowage areas either side and immediately aft of the main bulkhead.

Many moons ago a curved laminate of foam and fibreglass was cured to conform to the radius of my dry stowage containers.

Running out of sandwich panels to create the remainder of the main stowage areas, I have resorted to marine ply strengthened with biaxial glass cloth to support the weight of water and food that will be concentrated in these areas.

Carefully measured, cut and balanced sandwich corners were used to then measure up for the marine plywood.

The ply clamped in place against the bulkhead, the corners clamped to the ply and I now have yet another cardboard template to create the remaining two ply panels needed to complete the task.

Once the stowage is complete I can build the remainder of the quarter berths with stowage under and a battery box under the companionway.

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