Sunday, 6 September 2015

Odd Job

The centre section of the lazarette has been filled with polystyrene foam...

The hole in the middle will be enlarged and circular to take a stowage drum, I intend to make a lid to keep it all in place should water ever fill the compartment.

The base of the mast has been wrapped in 5 meters of carbon tape, a combination of uni-directional and biaxial. It's the first step in making a socket for the foot of the mast instead of the original galvanised steel tabernacle.

I will need to lay up a flat plate to form the base, as yet I haven't decided whether or not to make a mast base organiser to lead cordage back to the cockpit, do I want to reef at the mast or not?

The hull deck joint that was filled with thickened epoxy has now had a coat of paint.

It was never going to look immaculate but it's tided things up.

The curved ends of the main stowage compartments have been glued in place with epoxy fillets, just the aft end panels to be fitted to complete the job.

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