Monday, 2 May 2016

A Good Companion

Quite how good it will be remains to be seen but for now it remains a work in progress...

Sticking the hatch frame in place was quite tricky or rather getting it to stay still whilst applying the epoxy fillets was. I thought I had it held in place and had actually finished filleting when suddenly one of the clamps fell off and the whole frame shifted anticlockwise by approx. 6mm. The air was a little cloudy for a while and my activity somewhat frantic but a new arrangement of shock cord did the trick and just enough movement in the now smudged epoxy to get the fillets back in place.

I managed to wriggle out of the boat without disturbing anything and now leaving well alone whilst the epoxy cures.

The hole for the bilge pump outlet has been enlarged and a skin fitting sikaflexed in place, the bilge pump hose fitted with two all stainless hose clamps and a hole drilled through the aft bulkhead for the hose to reach the bilge pump fitted under the companionway. The lazarette has been painted out, the foam has been cut to fit a watertight storage bottle and then lashed in place under a plywood lid.

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