Wednesday, 18 May 2016


It has rained all day so what else to do but some fiddly bits and pieces.

The new navigation lights have been mounted on small rectangles of plywood coated in epoxy, each with a hole for the wires to pass through and potted in sealant.

A series of small hardwood blocks have been shaped to support the bunk tops where they meet the hull.

And, following a search around a local supermarket, the mould for the mast base and organiser has been found...

Eleven pieces of carbon cloth, alternating between biaxial and uni-directional, have been stacked on top of an old school enamel pie tin and then vacuumed to hold it all in place whilst the epoxy cured. A cardboard box and an electric fan heater were used to create a warm oven, now it's sitting on top of the hot water heater in the airing cupboard until the morning.

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