Friday, 20 May 2016

Get Organised

Yesterday the cabin sole fillets had a thorough sand and then tabbed down with glass cloth and epoxy.

The rain stayed away all day today so the companionway had it's final coat of pale grey paint, I'll leave it a day or two before I fit the hatch.

The small wooden blocks shaped to support the bunk tops have been epoxied in place with fibre added for a good mechanical bond, and a small infill of plywood has been shaped, epoxy coated and epoxied in place at the forward edge of the cabin sole.

The carbon fibre has been released from it's vacuum bag and enamelled pie dish, trimmed and sanded to fit the mast base collar laminated months ago...

The two pieces were then suck together with thickened epoxy to include a fillet...

Once cured the fillet will get a sand until smooth and the whole lot laminated together with more carbon fibre.

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