Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Rain Stopped Play

Yesterday the exterior of the new companionway had a sand, first with a profile sander and then by hand, cutting all the gelcoat off to bond direct to fibreglass. I measured up for all the tape I would need, exactly the way the interior was tabbed together, first a length of 75mm cloth followed by a length of 125mm on top, all 600gms biaxial glass cloth. Cutting the lengths of peel ply to go with it and then weighing each pair of cloth tapes to calculate a resin weight to wet it all out.

Today started well enough, warm, dry and soon the sun came out, I mixed some lightweight epoxy filler and increased the radius of the epoxy fillets. Pair by pair the glass tapes were wetted out, carried out to the boat and stuck in place, peel ply on top and rolled over with a consolidation roller.

I managed to lay up six out of the eleven pairs of glass tape before it began to spot with rain... oh well, I suppose the beautiful run of good weather had to end sometime.

Quickly pulling the tarpaulin over the companionway I retreated to the garage to fetch the extension lead and the electric fan heater. Plugged in, I pulled the tarpaulin down to the deck and left the epoxy to cure in its warm dry oven.

Taking advantage of the turn in the weather, I filled a bucket of water and began scrubbing the foredeck, the port lights had been trimmed of their excess Arbomast sealant at the weekend so they got a scrub too.

Then the epoxy underwater primer had a light sand with 600 grit wet and dry paper, just enough to clean off any lumps and bumps and provide a good key for the antifoul.

And finally the cockpit seats have had a sand and a wash down ready for painting.

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