Friday, 27 May 2016

School Boy Error

With the carbon mast base and organiser all prepped up ready to add the final layers of carbon cloth I set about laminating. The cloth wetted out, positioned and placed in to the vacuum bag, the whole lot cured under vacuum overnight...

...yesterday I cut open the vac bag to find softish resin?! Thinking it all through, replaying the process through my mind I had only added half the required amount of hardener to the epoxy resin! The result was a whole day spent scraping carbon and almost hard epoxy off the mast base with an old chisel and sanding away the remaining uncured resin before...

...doing it all again, only this time getting the mix right!

It has drizzled and rained for two and a half days solid but the forecast promises better weather for the weekend, I'd like to get the mast stepped and the rigging prepped so launch day runs smoothly.

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