Saturday, 7 May 2016

Tape Recording

It's been lovely and warm these past few days and the companionway hatch is coming along nicely...

The epoxy fillets have been increased with a wider radius shaped from the end of a wooden spatula. The last pieces of fibreglass tape went on today so that's it for the interior, no more fibreglassing to do... hurray!

I've been getting used to climbing in and out of the new hatch whilst doing all this work and although the new structure encroaches on an already small cabin space I feel satisfied that I have an altogether more seaworthy arrangement.

Apart from some interior decorating all that remains for the interior is wiring navigation lights and instruments.

The next task is to finish the exterior fibreglass work and then the new companionway will be completed with the fitting of the Lewmar deck hatch I tested all those months ago...

The Jester Azores Challenge starts a week on Sunday, so there's another Jester start I'll miss, oh well, why break the habit of a lifetime... better late than never!

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