Sunday, 8 May 2016

Upstairs Downstairs

I did my best to avoid the inside of the boat today, the temperature inside rose to 30 degrees.

After a bit of a clear out and vacuum round downstairs, I went upstairs and drilled some holes. The genoa tracks and mainsheet traveller went down some weeks ago so today I fitted the new cars and end stops for all the tracks.

The stanchions, pulpit and pushpit were bolted down at the same time as the tracks, as you can see from the picture the stanchions immediately outboard from the genoa winches have been moved aft by 300mm or so to allow the winch handles to turn fully...

All the stanchion bases have been mounted on a 2mm tufnol base with 9mm plywood backing pads under the deck. The numerous old screw holes around the cockpit have been filled so there'll be some sanding and painting soon, along with a dab of pale grey gelcoat to cover up the old stanchion bolt holes.

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